PTPI - Petros Pharmaceuticals makes drugs related to erections

Hello. I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter for PTPI recently in other Discords and on Reddit, so I started to look into it a little bit. Here’s what I found.

[size=4]What is Petros Pharmaceuticals?[/size]
Petros is actively researching new formulations across several serious men’s health conditions, and will continue to build up its broader portfolio and pipeline. Currently, they have two drugs on the market related to:

  • Erectile Dysfunction, and
  • Peyronie’s Disease. This is a noncancerous condition resulting from fibrous scar tissue that develops on the penis and causes curved, painful erections.

So right away it looks like there is decent potential for retail-fuelled memestock momentum.

[size=4]Stock Data[/size]
Market Cap: 27.48M
Shares Outstanding: 14.66M
Shares Float: 6.71M
SI Data:

Volume’s been kinda wild:

[size=4]Insider Buying[/size]
On October 18, 2021, the Director of PTPI acquired 1,661,807 shares at a price of $1.715. This is approximately $2.85M of insider buying. Following this transaction, John D Shulman now has 5,057,771 shares. Source

[size=4]Investor Presentation and Projections[/size]
According to their Investor Presentation, they expect a $4.7B market for global erectile dysfunction drugs by 2026:

[size=4]Retail Sentiment[/size]
Doing some digging on Reddit for retail sentiment, it appears that there is this guy u/memestockinvestor who successfully called out LVGN and ISPC, and he is now calling PTPI. It looks like PTPI hasn’t really run yet, and might see some volatile movement this week. Note that there are only shares for this one. No options and no warrants.


  • Stock looks easily memeable with penis-related drugs.
  • The stock is near a bottom, with insider buying at $1.715.
  • Low float, low marketcap bio stock, with shorts already underwater. These types of plays have been hot lately — see LVGN, ISPC. Potentially BFRI?

Please add on to discussion below. Hopefully we can catch one of these bio runs ‘before’ they happen?

SI data looks pretty good, but I’d be very hesitant to say PTPI “hasn’t ran” when it it trading at nearly twice it’s share price from 8 days ago.

Any upcoming catalysts? Outside of that it’s simply a retail pump at this point, right?

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Sorry, by “hasn’t ran” I mean that the stock is still quite low relative to past performance and looks like an easy gap to fill to at least $3.00

I wasn’t able to find any upcoming catalysts :confused:

I have no positions yet. Wondering if anyone else knows more than what I can find…


Good day.
I’ve been eyeballing this one and a couple of other tickers - similar sort of movement to LGVN - top right, taken at 11/19 (<$3). Disregard BJDX (if you want).

I’m keen to enter a couple of these. What are your guys thoughts? QLGN has an options chain
image image

image image


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I’ve been seeing some of the hits on Reddit but I do have some reluctance.

Financials wise, it is still burning cash.

Sales wise, after that boom in Q1, its been decreasing for the past 2 quarters.

Doesn’t have that much cash on hand (8.1 as of Q3 report). With Net Loss of 1.7m in Q3. Started the year with 17m on hand. So its down more than half. Without a known short term positive catalyst, it would seem a bit risky because you would think they would need to raise money within the next 3-6 months.

SI % is interesting but only one piece of a puzzle.

It also does not have any options atm.

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yeah this looks like a retail-fuelled momentum mover. At current levels and insider buying at $1.71 it looks like a decent risk/reward here. I might enter a small position on Monday if it doesn’t run too fast on me.

One upcoming catalyst is FDA approval of their H-100 product which would be the first ever FDA-approved gel for Peyronie’s disease: Petros Pharmaceuticals Expands Program for Novel Investigational Non-Invasive Treatment Formulation for Peyronie's Disease

Timeline is unclear though


I bought 2,000 shares at $4.25 and sold all at $5.00 for a quick ~17% gain.


well done

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“Petros Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: PTPI), a leading provider of therapeutics for men’s health, today announces that it has entered into definitive agreements with the company’s largest investor and other existing investors, for the purchase and sale of 3,333,333 shares of Petros Pharmaceuticals’ common stock, at a purchase price of $3.00 per share. The company will sell 2,153,333 shares in a registered direct offering and the remaining 1,180,000 shares will be sold in a private placement. Petros Pharmaceuticals has also agreed to issue the investors unregistered warrants to acquire 2,500,000 shares of common stock at an exercise price of $3.50 per share, exercisable immediately and terminating 5 years after the date of issuance. The closing of the offering is expected to occur on or about December 2, 2021, subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions.”

Took shares here at 2.62


With all the recent action on PTPI, three significant news pieces came out. They announced a $10M offering, closed it, and then announced positive drug results.

Insider buying on November 30 at $3.03 per share. The stock closed at $2.70.

[size=4]SI Data:[/size]

Short squeeze metrics are looking good. However, the short position value does seem kinda low.

Also just became #1 on the Fintel short squeeze ranking:

[size=4]Positions and Disclaimer[/size]
I took shares today at $2.62 as I’ve been observing this ticker gain social media sentiment from caddude and BoredBillionaire. They have a good following, and the stock has had recent positive news and good shortsqueeze metrics. I took my position to ‘get in before the pump’. This play is highly risky.

Ideally — as the stock moves up, I will follow with updated stop losses. I will exit completely if this sees a sudden intense run up.


Like Kevin said above me sentiment is getting high for this.

As previously stated Caddude, BoredBillionaire and JonDum are all in on this.

Caddude and JonDum both posted DD found here:



BoredBillionaire didn’t make a DD but has been posting about it on Twitter:


PTPI currently has 4950 watchers (as of writing) on StockTwits.
This is more than double the current watchers of ESSC. General sentiment is overall bullish.


Stock sentiment is currently sitting at 100% bullish in WeBull with 22k followers.

#9 Most Active in the US sorted by volume.

I have no positions since I’ve been focusing elsewhere but I’ll be watching it alongside ESSC on Monday.


I just set a SL of 3.3. Will up it as PTPI moves higher.

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SL 3.7 now

Back in at 3.83 at breakout from consolidation…


I averaged down some at 3.7s
SL 4.07 now


Holding shares at 3.93 overnight with a half-size.

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Shelf offering for ~$8M


sold at a loss here

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