Return of the SOFI

TLDR; SOFI appears primed to continue on it’s upwards movement. All of this like everything else is dependent on market conditions. Since Friday’s earnings were better than expected we need to see what this weeks earnings are. If that are also better than expected SOFI has room to run and options are cheap. Will most likely be taking a starter position this week if the stock drops to it’s support level.

Okay so SOFI has been on a upwards trend recently. Somewhat due to the market but I think there are some underlying factors that are making investors purchase more shares now. Previously @Kevin laid out a very detailed analysis of SOFI a few months again, thank you @Kevin! See that information here: SOFI - $5 entry for long term investment?

So SOFI has a few things going for it right now. Other large banks (JPM, BA) posted some moderate gains this past quarter which gave the market hope that the FED is done with large rate hikes. While the jury is still out on that as of yet since the FED has no plans to cut rates this year and will most likely just reduce the rate hikes to 25bps until we get to 5bps. This has actually been one of the major factors in driving users to the SOFI platform. From all my research SOFI has the highest APY savings rates for both checking (2.50%) and savings (3.75%), if there’s one that’s higher let me know. Just like previously quarters I think SOFI is going to post an increase in users and this increase is more than offsetting the loss from the student loan pause / forgiveness that is occurring. If you look at the the data from Finviz you can see that SOFI keeps increasing it’s net income every quarter. If we were to exclude everything else SOFI is doing and just looked at the increase in interest income then the increase in users this quarter would cause that number to increase again which should cause the net income to increase as well. The other factor that’s interesting is that the CEO keeps buying up large quantities of stock. This normally implies that the company is cheap and will continue to rise. All these factors are looking good. Time will tell.

Some other benefits are what @Kevin already mentioned. Most of them are new features that SOFI has added or new customers it’s added due to those features form Galileo arm that continues to bring in more revenue each quarter. I’m also thinking that whatever the student loan supreme court results are won’t matter much in the short term since they have until Summer to decide if forgiveness is legal or not. If it isn’t legal then SOFI will rocket up more, if it is legal then it will drop but hopefully not as much. I might play both sides of this just to hedge if this happens.

I’m of the belief that SOFI finally hit it’s bottom at $4.24 a few weeks ago and it appears to be on an uptrend. I think the safe play would be to wait for the current price to fall back down to the $5.25 - $5.34 price range and then pick up some longer dated Calls. Most of the calls are very cheap even if their expiration is far out. I think will earnings coming at the end of the month if the market data we see is trending in the correct direction and earnings season is better than expected then SOFI is going to take off. I’m going to start a small position if it drops to the level mentioned above. Probably try and target the $5.50 calls or $6.00 calls. Don’t know which month yet but probably June or July.

Again if I’ve missed anything point it out or tell me what I’m missing.


Thanks for the SOFI forum update. I’m sticking with my SOFI leaps position.

40 X Jan 2024 7.5c at 0.80 cost basis.

First !positions callout was at 0.60 entry.

They’re around 0.90 now. I am holding. I think these leaps go ITM this year.

Obviously if SOFI stock hits $6+ and I can’t resist closing the calls when I see the gain, I may just do that. But current mindset is I am holding.


Thanks for the update snood, this is one of my long term holds, I have a recurring weekly buy of sofi, I like the stock!


Speculative r/sofistock post that money has been flowing from big banks into SOFI for their higher savings rates

“Executives at JPMorgan and Bank of America both said deposits have started leaving to chase higher rates. Deposits fell 5% at JPMorgan, 6% at Bank of America and 7% at Wells Fargo.”


SOFI seems to have found a strong bottom for now. It’s doing well with today’s downward movement. Seems like @Kevin is on the right track. I’m interested to see during the SOFI earnings call in a few weeks what the number of new accounts are. If people are really switching from traditional accounts to more FinTech then we could be seeing a big shift in the industry. Keep adding to my long term account and my short term calls.

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Well no surprise, SOFI beat estimates and is continuing to grow. My plan is to now buy up some more OTM calls since we will probably see upgrades in a few days. Still might fall FOMC.



I closed my entire Jan 2024 7.5c leaps position today.

Looking to take a new position some time after FOMC. I’m thinking at least at the $6 support would be good.

Saw a r/sofistock post about how SOFI hit their SPAC investor deck revenue targets, so I took a look myself.

Page 26 of the SPAC deck shows:

  • 2021 Revenue at $980M | Adjusted EBITDA at $27M
  • 2022 Revenue at $1.5B | Adjusted EBITDA at $254M
  • 2023 Revenue at $2.1B | Adjusted EBITDA at $484M

Today’s earnings report shows:

  • 2021 Revenue at $984M vs $980M est. from SPAC deck
  • 2022 Revenue at $1.57B vs $1.5B est. from SPAC deck
  • 2021 Adjusted EBITDA at 30.2M vs $27M est. from SPAC deck
  • 2022 Adjusted EBITDA at $143M vs $254M est. from SPAC deck

Revenues have been on point. Adjusted EBITDA didn’t quite hit the projections. $143M is only 56.3% of $254M target. However, given the tough macro-economic environment in 2022, I would say these numbers have been quite impressive especially for a deSPAC. Looking good for SOFI.