Roblox Leaps and ER Strategy


Still on my watchlist…

But the way things are looking for Roblox, I might be waiting a long time before starting a long position.
No consolidation in sight yet.

RBLX is one of the gaming companies I’m really interested with.
Since hitting their ATH in November 22 of 141.60, the stock has fallen -62% on the lowest end.

It’s now showing some strength from that bounce on the 53.63 line (which I think imho is near fair value).
I’m planning to take leaps a week or so after their ER next week, Tuesday, Feb 15.

The 4hour chart makes me think it will try for that 200MA line…

What I’ll probably do, is take a straddle position (ATM) on Monday afternoon near market close.
I’ll close that position probably 5min before market close next day, prior to their ER hour.

Soon as the fog clears, I’ll reassess the stock based on pro analysts recommendations.
I personally think RBLX has great room to grow, and I’m liking how this new accumulation area is forming so far.

Company site:

Investor Relations page:

Latest News:


Relevant Partnerships announced recently (not including NFL since already mentioned):

Also relevant to the user growth, and kind of concerning:


Thanks, buddy.


Glad to see you watching this too, me and a few others have been waiting to do this very thing. Appreciate the work as always


Is there something wrong with entering leaps before earnings? Why do you choose 1-2 weeks after?

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IV isn’t as high so better entry price.


no point in entering leaps at an almost definite bad entry point, even if I’m planning on holding for a while why would I wanna start off 10% down or more?

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Looks like puts are the winner for earnings. But if interested in the leaps, tomorrow may provide an entry. I currently own stock in this, but would probably let the dust settle before making an entry. The earnings missed top line bottom line and daily active users. The market was not kind to Meta on their miss, could be the same here.

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Kryptek made a comment in VC to something that amounted to: even though they have more active people they are spending less money in the game. Needless to say this could be a serious problem for the company.

May want to hold off and not rush into a leap. It will probably continue to trickle down for a while as the number crunchers really get into all the data from earnings.

(Feel free to correct me if I butchered it Kryptek.)