Salty's Journal

Ok, so here it goes. It has been brought to my attention that I’ve been posting wrong this entire time. For this, I apologize. Victory lapping anyone was never an intention when sharing plays. Mainly, I have been active in VC callouts and positioning conversations. So, from here on out, I will be posting my personal positions here as they should have been from the beginning. :pepepray:
Todays action, sponsored by sleep deprivation.
Spy 395p x7
Avg .50
Sold .80


Much love, bud! Keep it green and keep it up! <3

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In spy 4 x 380p 5/13
avg .90
sold 1.10

In at open with spy 395p 5/16 x2
avg .91
sold 1.35

I have some errands to do and that was my last remaining Day Trade for RH. I’m going to hold onto the cash in ToS and Webull for later this week on the FED speeches. Cheers.

Very awkward morning today, sentiment yesterday was leaning towards bullish after Jpow speech and with housing numbers coming out this morning. Decided to sit back and watch what happens.
Got into a spy 400p avg 1.41 sold at 1.82.

Got back in for 392p at .99 out at 1.13

Ending today with + 10% in ToS account and + 36% in RH account.

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Cut MKC put x1 for .65 cost .25, still holding onto 1 for shits and gigs.
Cut AFRM put x1 for 1.66 cost 1.10.
Up 2% on port for RH account this AM.
Will be watching SPY and other tickers today for VC callouts and possible entries for scalps.
Be careful and dont get emotionally attached to either direction.

Out of my last MKC put at .75 here.
With that the RH account is up 4.13% today.

Woke up late and had a bunch of stuff to do this morning.
I decided to wait alittle after this consolidation period at noon to see it break down past 385 that we have bounced off of on the daily.
Scalped a small position 383p at 1.15 out at 1.40.
Back to cooking! :pepepray:

3.65% in RH - HPE 16c
.50 out at .65
1% in ToS SPY 409p
1.15 out at 1.45

2% in RH account - spy 400p 6-3 from yesterday.

5 x 412p spy
avg 1.89
sold 2.33

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Stepped away to walk my dog and set a buy limit for spy 407p 11:15am
Got immediately pushed out. The trend is your friend until it FUCKING ISN’T…clears throat
Averaged down through out those small runs.
6 x Avg .19
6 x Sold .11

Fatass is out of bed and showered ready for the gym.
Entries today were from yesterdays close.
spy 405p
avg .99
sold 1.53
Currently playing more degen style plays in the expendable account. Which today it paid off giving the account a +11% total. While the ToS account is set up to mainly daytrade spy and plays that would require more capital, the RH is for shits and gigs.

After the slight drop this morning I bought into 1x 400p spy avg .65
The run up to 411 I decided to avg down at .30 for avg of .475 x2
I am currently holding these over night due to the flag of PDT in RH.
Remember, this account now has become the degen account that allows these types of plays.
Currently the account is up (+95.24%)Today
Positions I’m holding

SPY $400 Put avg .475 / currently 2.24
6/10 Exp • 2 Buys

AMC $11 Put avg .23 / currently .31
6/17 Exp • 1 Buy

MKC $80 Put avg .25 / currently .01
6/17 Exp • 2 Buys

UUUU $6 Put avg .10 / currently .15
6/17 Exp • 1 Buy

VYGG $10 Call avg .1048 / currently .01
6/17 Exp • 31 Buys

Sold all my puts at open
Spy x2 400p avg .475 sold 1x 5.64 / 1x 5.58
Amc x1 11p avg .23 sold .38
UUUU x1 6p avg .10 sold .20

RH account currently is up in total 81% today.
I will be waiting for a more defined direction to scalp the rest of the day through ToS.

Jumped back into spy puts x5 390p on the first run up
Avg’d down another 5 for an avg of 1.50
Let go of all 10 on the small drop to cut even.
Spy seems to be wanting to break down but having a 25$ drop in 2 days I feel this is risky to hold any longer.

Forum check 1 2


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Picked up 370p on Spy 11:45am. I had the chance to add to this position a few times to avg down but did not want to risk too much into an otm position.
Avg 2.50
Currently 3.30

Out of some puts today.
Spy 370p avg 2.50 sold at 2.60 was up decent yesterday but was forced to hold until today.
Mkc 2x 80p avg .25 sold at .30