Solid Power SLDP

Hi everyone. I’ve been gone a long time. My wife wanted to buy a house, and now that we did that I finally have a few dollars to invest.

I wanted to say that I’ve looked into Solid Power (SLDP). And I like what I see. Their balance sheet (total liquidity) is in the $400M-$430M range, and yet the company is trading at around 300M valuation. The technicals look good, with a floor solidifying around $1.55 per share last week after peaking out from good news. A breakout above 1.8 would indicate a likely testing of the $2 per share price.

The company has virtually no debt. They’re funded well through the next few years, and they have guaranteed revenue of $50M over the next year from their manufacturing partners. There is big auto money from Ford and BMW behind them. A stock buyback authorization (not actual buyback, just gives the board the freedom to do so if they choose) event on Jan 23 triggered the recent upward trend, showing just how sensitive the stock is to “good news.” And that was virtually no news at all. If the board did use their cash reserves to buy back shares, that would be a pretty poor decision. Hopefully they aren’t that stupid.

Full disclosure, I entered this stock at $1.34 per share and exited at $1.70 the first go 'round. Recently I entered at $1.58 after observing the strong recent floor around $1.55. I’m holding long term, but also willing to take advantage of events. I only have a couple hundred invested, because like I said, I’m just getting back in the game. But I would have bought up to 20k shares as long as it remained below my high risk portfolio allocation of <10%. I have found the stock easy to play in the short term, but if I get stuck holding a bag, I’m fine doing that for years. I’ll probably buy more the lower it goes. If you’re not in a position to hold long, and your risk appetite is medium to low, perhaps avoid this one.

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Rejection at 1.8 this morning. Down to 1.65 this morning. Stock usually hovers around whatever value it stabilizes at in the morning. Then slowly moves at low volume for the rest of the day up or down. Good strength here indicates a retest of 1.8.

This seems spy correlated.

1.59 is a great entry

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This thing usually peaks out at 10:30AM est. If you entered at 1.59 yesterday as I advised and don’t care to hold long term, you’re up 7% and can take profits. Otherwise, expect a pullback and chillness for the rest of the day.

I, personally, am waiting to see a retest of 1.8 and hopefully a breakthrough. Maybe have to wait another day to see that.

There’s the pullback. I’m still holding.

This thing tends to melt up a little overnight. Doesn’t mean anything. SPY was up overnight, and hopefully won’t tank today amid a recovery from the inflation data. I’ll reiterate my expectation is that SLDP will retest 1.8 today. A breakthrough with support would indicate a possible run to $2 per share. I don’t expect any news events to modify this outlook. I do expect some people to pick up shares today in anticipation of the upcoming earnings report, hoping for good news.

Here we go. Retesting 1.8.

Breakthrough!! Can I get at least like 1 like for literally shotcalling this stock for the past few days?

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Looking for another 1.8 push here. There was bound to be profit taking after the initial spike. The technicals look strong. Delayed message because I’m at the hospital. my son was born last night and I’ve been on dad duty. If you’re not analyzing stocks the day after your kid is born are you really an investor?

I expect a massive nothing-burger from the earnings call on Feb 23. I think a lot of people buying this stock right now are people speculating on the earnings. And when they don’t see a big “good news” aspect to the report, they’re gonna drop it. So, having said that, you should consider your intentions. I’m long, so I’m holding this through earnings, although I won’t hesitate to drop and re enter if there’s a spike. If you’re just playing, consider dropping as it approaches $2 per share before earnings. Be on the lookout for a good buying opportunity after the volatility from earnings dies down. I should have some cash from the next paycheck and tax returns to increase my stake.

There is a chance this thing has good news on the 23. That would be something mentioning better performance from the batteries or faster progress on the approval timeline for their design and manufacturing. If that happens, all bets are off, and this thing could go wild. But I think this is highly unlikely.

Running premarket. :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

And back down :sob:. So this begs the question. Is this stock worth $2 per share? In my opinion, right now, not really. If it does hit that area I’ll sell most of my position and wait for a favorable reentry.

Much of the drop here looks like it correlates with the spy drops over inflation and PPI.

1.70 is a mediocre entry. I’d only enter now if you’re a long term holder. But I am waiting on another 1.8 retest. All this fud on spy is dragging it down.

It appears the market agrees with me based on the after market bounce off 1.56. :joy: