Taking a temporary leave

This announcement is one that I’ve pushed off making for quite awhile. But unfortunately sometimes we all have to admit that we can’t go on and that time has come for me.

Since late last year, I’ve been dealing with some personal issues in the background unrelated to trading (not anything like finances, addiction or disease, just an unfortunate life change). I’ve mentioned something along that line once or twice but have each time opted to continue marching forward, frankly because I love this community and the people in it. But over time I’ve watched myself become less and less able to be “me” as more and more of the unhappiness creeps in. The end result has been that now-a-days, I’m not here even when I am.

ESSC took a lot out of me and its something that I haven’t quite moved past if I’m being honest. While I picked up right after and announced #the-challenge, I don’t think I took the appropriate amount of time to deal with what happened on my own. It became another of what I’ve begun to call “my body count”. ATER, CRVS and ESSC are tickers that I see referenced all the time as massive losses for the community, the people I care about, and it’s starting to haunt me to an extent because it becomes hard to not see only failure. After ESSC I was incredibly excited for #the-challenge and all the good that it was bringing to the community. We were coming together and trading with significant efficiency and profitability and I got to enjoy what had made me love this community in the first place in what had seemed like far too long; watching people making meaningful money.

But then, RSX. This was the blow that drove the final nail. Seeing everyone in pain, again, and being helpless, again, I think was too much and I’ve since been unable to keep my other personal issues from seeping into my work here. I’ve found myself unable to stick to my intuitions and trade effectively which is something that I’ve never had a problem with in the past and rather than continue to try to push forward at detriment to everyone, I think that it’s time that I take the rest that I likely need.

From the bottom of my heart, I apologize for not being the person that the community needs in this moment. However, after some rest, I think that I’ll be ready to take up #the-challenge again with the same drive and diligence that I had in the beginning while pushing the community further towards being in line with my vision.

To clarify, this is just a temporary absence, I’ll probably take a week or two away from the community before becoming active again. Challenge exit notifications will remain enabled so you can see my exits on current plays. Entry notifications will not be enabled however, but you can still track active positions via the command if you’re into that sorta thing, join at your own peril as they’ll essentially all just be “practice”. I’ll be using some of my time to finish a lot of Mimir/Development stuff I’ve had lingering so look for those announcements, one feature being options order flow to offload our friend @Kevin a little.

So with that I think I’ve said everything I’ve needed to say besides: Thank you. This community has been one of my greatest joys in life and the people here mean more to me than is perhaps healthy in a lot of circumstances, but I wouldn’t change a single bit of it. I look forward to being back and really active again in the near future.

It’s not goodbye, it’s just see you later…

P.s. No bags is in charge


We love you Conq do what you need to do brother, will be here when you’re ready to come back.


Feel free to reach out to talk or vent. Can only return the favor when you helped me out. GL!


I hope everything is ok, if I can help support you in any way possible, please let me know. I am glad you are taking the mental relaxation you need.

For my part through the ups and downs, due to this community I have become a much more successful trader. Please never doubt that if it was not for this community the time dedicated to me in the early days, I would have without a doubt lost a lot of money. (I mean a lot). I have listened and learned, and I have been doing very well and I owe it all to this community.


No matter what I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for this community, for making it an amazing place to learn and get better. I am forever thankful for you and everyone here. We love you man :heart:


Ty conq i will exectute my duties as leader of valhalla faithfully. My first order of business is to ban swole


Take all the time you need! Whether we have a gain or loss I’m sure everyone is thankful for the community you’ve created.


Take all the time that you need, you’ve done way more than any of us deserve <3. Thots said it well the other day, this has become more than just trading it is a community. One I’m extremely grateful for and hope you know that.


For what it’s worth, even though Yes I overleveraged on ESSC and Yes I also lost a chunk on RSX, I’ve moved past it and honestly I have never seen those as failures on your part or blamed you. Only my own. And despite these setbacks I feel like they’ve taught me so much more about trading, market mechanics, and myself. Thank you so much for all you’ve been doing. I look forward to your return.


Much love. Appreciate all you do for the community. Best wishes and hope all is well.


like others have echoed above, please take as much time as you need. if 1-2 weeks are not enough, take more time man. Hope to see you back soon when you are ready. but please take care of yourself and eat lots of sushi for us in the meantime


We’ll miss ya, Conq. Take as much time as you need!


Thank you for all you do. Hopefully we will make you proud with our trading journeys while you’re away. Looking forward to see you again soon. Enjoy your time off champ!!


Thank you so much for creating this wonderful community and allowing me to be a part of it. Valhalla has given me significant gains not just in dollars, but in understanding and overcoming fear. I’m so sorry that you’re troubled, it’s good to take breaks when you need them. This is real strength across your whole life. In crisis it is people that stop for a moment to breathe then plan and act that make it! I hope you find refreshment and also not to suffer guilt. Guilt is self torture. It is good to reflect and learn from mistakes, but I truly do not think we are meant to torture ourselves. Whatever feels good to you I hope you embrace, and I know when you’re ready we will all be so glad to see you!


I’ve always respected your candor Conq, hope this break brings you peace. I appreciate this community, a truly special place and all of the work you have put into it, you prob wont know how much Valhalla helped me when my father passed recently, but it was literally a beacon of light when I was feeling quite dark. Just wanted to share what this place means to me with a massive thank you. You have this whole community in your corner, here for you, literally anything you need. Looking forward to your return, see you soon.


Thank you for all you do for this community conq!

There is not a more tight-knit community that I am a part of, we all have you to thank for that! Make sure to Ping Chess Club every so often so we all know you are okay!


Take all the time you need! And please don’t be so hard in yourself regrading RSX. That play was rock fucking solid and it took external influence to stop that. Even through these “failures”, I came out green by practicing profit taking and repositioning, something that you always preached to us. Without you, that couldn’t have happened.

Come back when you’re ready!


Sheesh man, you made this sorta dramatic! No one here blames you for any of these squeeze plays or shit like RSX with how they ended up flopping. Even with a loss, I think there is a good majority of us that even with having taken an L, we’re at least taking it together; a lot less painful mentally since you’re not alone. That in mind, the wins for the community feels absolutely awesome as well, hell, they can outweigh days and days of losses because a majority of us come together and take profit.

Obviously though, yeah, take that time off from trading. Not being in the right headspace definitely is a sign for a break.


Thanks for creating and driving this community Conq. Wishing the best for you and your family and hope you’re able to take care of everything you need during your time off. We appreciate everything you do!


You have been putting in a lot of effort for this community.
And its rare to see someone who goes about it in such a humble matter.

Just the way you approached and handled the challenge already makes it a success in my book.
Don’t forget a lot of people here are wise and old enough to make decisions of their own,
so don’t weigh it too much on yourself if plays didn’t pan out.
It was always apparent that there is risk involved.

Hope you find the happy times again.