The ThinkTank Discussion

This post will serve as serious discussion for what plays may be viable for the challenge. Users are discouraged from posting positions updates or adding insight or asking questions in this thread, comments such as these will be deleted and if becomes a constant problem, I’ll lock this thread to only those with credibility roles.

I will be creating a separate Q&A post for things such as that. I will also be updating this thread more this evening, still just getting everything ready.


I’m going to be exploring playing the upcoming SHOP earnings using our earnings methods detailed in:

My initial earnings plays assessment

RP’s supplemental take on not holding through earnings

SuckyMayor’s earnings sentiment method

Going to start looking into this tomorrow.


Getting more comfortable with the idea of trading on stream and getting the kinks worked out of the “alert system”. Going to start hitting this harder next week with “Radio Valhalla” focusing on analysis of forum DD intraday and scouting for good entries.