True Disdain's Journal

Creating this as a placeholder that I will try to update after every trading day where I am active.

With working full time and not having access to my desktop trading setup, I am trading off of a phone/iPad whenever I am not in meetings or briefings. So bear with me here.

I am following mostly following Conq’s challenge while also playing some of the DD and community callouts.

Update: Morning of 25MAR22

Sold 4x MOS 70c 04/01: 2.4—>2.5
Sold 1x TLRY 6.5c 04/01: .77—>1.7
Sold 1x AVAV 100c 04/14: 3.10—>4.5
Holding 6x UVXY 15c 04/01: .84

Trading on my phone isn’t me preferred method, obviously. I opted to stay in UVXY instead of cutting it like Conq did yesterday since I see a little more upside this next week. Ill be happy to break even on it.

I bought AVAV and TLRY yesterday due to call outs from Little Bear and The Ni.

Update: 28MAR22

I held a lot of positions through the weekend which I really do not like doing since a lot can happen over the course of two days. Fortunately, it worked out for a couple tickers.

Sold 1x BNO 34p 4/14: 2.85–>3.81
Sold 1x SCO 5c 4/14: .74–>.95
Sold 6x UVXY 15c 4/1: .84–>.48

  • Took a loss on this one. Right after I sold, UVXY decided to shoot up to 14.60 and I could have recovered some cash from that pop. However, I was mentally done with the trade and was okay taking a loss on it.

Sold 5x AMC 25c 4/8: 1.16–>1.55

Re-entered AMC 40 for a scalp and am currently out of AMC.

Currently holding:
2x GME 200c 4/8: 6.13
2x NIO 17p 4/1: .22
3x SNDL .5c 1/20/23: .46

NIO puts will likely expire worthless and the position is currently with $11.
I trimmed some SNDL last week and am holding these 3 until I see any green.

Time to go back to work.

Ah, almost a whole year since I traded last.

Going to re-start this journal in hopes i can keep myself accountable with all my wins and losses, and just generally write down my thoughts on my trading in general.

Since starting to trade again on the second week of January, I hit 30k in profit this week then stupidly lost 6k of it yesterday. My trades today weren’t significant with me coming out basically break even.

I’m taking out 25k of my account to help fund some personal shit and leaving 31k in the account to trade with.

Starting next week, I’ll be posting in this journal again so I can look back and see where shit went wrong/shit went right.

Hoping to get on that Hank status later on



Started off the day without the intention to trade especially since I was on baby duty.

I forgot that they basically entertain themselves at this point, so I busted out my laptop. Overall, the day looked really boring. We didn’t see the Volatility of SPY like we have been used to the last few weeks.

I scalped some calls and puts here and there off of supports and resistances with minimal capital.

What helped me in some cases was looking at AAPL. If I saw a gigantic green candle on AAPL’s one minute, I would look for the same candle on SPY with a lag. This happened a couple times and I was able to quickly get in and out on it.

Also, I started using the RSI indicator today and will look to keep this as something i look at but not rely on. It was good for reference when something looked overbought or oversold.
Things to note to remind myself:
-Minimum of 1DTE on SPY. I’ll be staying away from FDs.
-Only average down with up to 10% of the account. So, start small if it’s not a scalp.

Overall, it was a decent and slow day. Mainly sitting on the cash I have left (after I pulled out half of the account) for Tuesday.

After such a successful month with trading, I decided I need to slow down before I become reckless which was my problem before my trading hiatus. I’ve decided I’m going to have a 10% weekly goal and if I make it over that 10% early on in the week, then I will exclusively trade with whatever is over 10%.

Beginning Balance: $32,290.27
Ending Balance: $ 32,816.83

Gain: +526.56 (+1.63%)

Have a good weekend everyone.


Today was a decent day, although I was/am busy with work for the most part.

Seeing how much shit I had to do for my job, i knew I wasn’t going to trade too much.

With that, I was still able to successfully scalp some SPY 412c and hold onto some AAPL 157.5c for a bit of profit. Premiums are SPY were outrageous due to the IV for CPI tomorrow. So I was risking a lot to relatively make a little. This is not something I was super comfortable with.

I didn’t enter anything until 1.5 hours after open. I am going to start making this a habit so I can see what the overall market is doing and what direction SPY is leaning towards.

I entered AAPL pretty late in the day when I saw it was trying to push 153.50. Ideally, it was a bad fill and should have entered earlier since AAPL had a solid uptrend this morning.

Since tomorrow is CPI and we have monthly OPEX this Friday, I assume we’ll be in for a wild ride that I will have to put a little more focus on.

Beginning Balance: $32817
Ending Balance: $33456.58

Gain: +639.58 (+1.95%)

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Not a big trading day since whatever I am sick with had me in bed most of the day.

I was able to scalp a couple calls for like 1% but didn’t want to enter anything too big that would take energy and focus.

Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully I am in better condition to work/trade.

Beginning Balance: $33456.58
Ending Balance: $33623.47

Gain: +166.89


Forgot to update yesterday since I was pretty busy with catching up on work after my sick day.

Yesterday was a very minimal trading day with some TSLA scalps here and there.

Gain: +$547.00 (1.63%)

Today I got to trade a little more with some free time from work. Started off with scalping some 412C 1DTE a few times as it was trending up. I noticed when I scalp these things, that if just hold green I can come out with much more profit. However, this can go sideways real quick if I don’t pay attention. I will think more on this.

After SPY, I moved back to TSLA. This is the second day in a row I traded the autism of TSLA. News dropped about some sort of recall, then I hopped into some 215C after the knife with a decent cost basis. Didnt sell when it was up 15%, then was caught on another couple red candles and ended up averaging down. Ended up green after it pushing its way back to 212.

Starting Balance: $34170.77
Ending Balance: $36776.62

Gain: +2605.85 (6.33%)


Busy with work this morning but was able to get into SPY a bit.

Scalped some 405c 1DTE early on, then grabbed some 406c 1DTE when SPY was hanging out at 405.30ish. El -Erian decided to open his fucking mouth and SPY dropped a little, averaged down at the bounce at 404 and ended up cutting for +15%. I wasn’t worried about SPY dropping any lower since there have been multiple bounces off that level today.

Overall, It was a great week and I hit my 10% goal.

Starting Balance: $36776.62
Ending Balance: $37915.57

Gain: +1138.89 (3.1%)

Have a good weekend everyone.


Didn’t update yesterday because I mainly held a down position with 404c for Thursday. I definitely had a bad entry and got caught in an incredibly bad bleed.

I was comfortable since I had a lot of power to average down with and the expiration was two days away. With FOMC minutes the next day, I saw an opportunity to be able to close green somehow. At close yesterday, I was down around 35%.

This morning after the morning drops, I was down to almost 80% down and averaged down as it was starting its uptrend. In all, I went from a 2.14 cost average to .79 cost average. It was a little heavier than I wanted, but I was still following my rule on overall position sizing.

Once SPY hit 400.80ish area, I was able to get out with the FOMC pop for some green.

Lessons learned for this trade:

  • Be aware of economic events that can help you with a trade
  • Average down at the right time. I could have averaged down yesterday, but knew theta would eat away some of the price overnight.

Not going to trade the rest of the day since this was an exhausting win for me.

Ending Balance: $38752.67

Gain since last Friday: +837.10

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Great day today, was pretty busy with work but was able to keep an eye on the market at the same time. Benefits of having an ultra-wide monitor I guess. Started off the gains with scalping 401c with Monday expiration. Then got into a position on 400c with same expiration during the drop, averaged down a bit when we started to consolidate at the bottom of the range. Exited for 10% profit although it could have been a lot more green if i were to hold a little longer. BUT i’m taking profit as a I see it so i don’t get greedy as this is how you lose your ass in a trade.

Posted screenshot of P/L in in the channel, but i scalped a little more after that since SPY just wants to keep going up as I type this.

Starting Balance: $38752.67
Ending Balance: $40443.07

Today’s Gain: +1690.41 (+4.36%)


Ok, I scalped just a little more and am done done for the day since I have a meeting the last hour of the trading day.

Ending Balance: $40992.95
Updated gain for today: +2240.29 (+5.78%)


Well, what a day.

Yesterday I decided to buy and hold some 402 calls overnight, which I definitely got punished for.

I basically immediately exited them for a huge loss this morning and blew a lot of the gains i made yesterday. I spent the day trying to recover the loss by trading 396c 1DTE multiple times. Still down, but am happy with my weekly performance and hit my goal. I’ll stop trading for the day on a good note with my account hitting 40k again.

Ending Balance: $40427.75
Today’s overall loss: -565.2

Weekly Gain: $2512.18

Have a good weekend everyone.


Happy Monday!

Market was pretty boring today and I was/am swamped with work right now.

I was able to get into a 401c 2DTE position when we were hanging out around the 398.20ish area and averaged down when we dropped a little. Exited green after we popped back up over 398.

After that, I scalped some 400c 2DTE while I was seeing some bullish volume after we bounced off 398.20ish area again.

Probably done for the day so I can focus on work, but overall I am happy with the gains.

Starting Balance: $40427.75
Ending Balance: $41757.18

Today’s Gain: +1328.51 (+3.29%)

I wish you all good fortune in the wars to come.


Another day with a lot of work to do and a lot of nothing going on in the market.

Mainly played 400c and 399c 2DTE scalps at random points throughout the day. I was able to do the callout feature for one, but the other ones were quicker scalps.

What I have found is my paper hands leave a lot of profits on the table. I have been selling on the way up instead of letting it ride. I am pretty okay with this since I secure green and lock in profit. BUT I will also buy into a scalp position where the strike price is more than the price I exited prior.

With that said, I want to look into starting positions and averaging in when needed, and selling some of the position for profit on pops/drops. This will help me lock in profit and keep a lower cost basis to re-enter later on.
Especially if the day is easy to read (which it hasn’t been the last few trading days)

Something for me to think about.

Starting Balance: $41757.18
Ending Balance: $42383.94

Today’s Gain: +628.68 (+1.5%)


I hate customers who have an urgent need but forget we have a meeting and show up late.

SO while I was waiting on these people multiple, I was able to get into some SPY action.

Like the rest of the days, I waited for a while after market open to jump in. Once SPY dropped down to 394, i jumped into 396c 2DTE at the 394.5ish area. Averaged down just a little bit then sold when ot popped up to 395.5ish area.

Watched SPY drop down to 393.4 area, got back in at 394 then sold on the pops. I jumped back in a couple more times for quicker scalps after that.

Overall, I am very please with the day and my trades. Not looking to get in anymore since I don’t like the way SPY is moving now. Maybe look for another bounce off 394 the way things are going.

Posted in P/L but made another scalp after that so my profit is a tad higher

Starting Balance: $42383.94
Ending Balance: $43607.26

Today’s Gain: +1223.21 (+2.89%)


Decent day today.

I traded 395c 2DTE and 394c 1DTE a couple times early in the day whenever SPY was on support and sold on pops.

Hit my goal for the week and wasn’t going to trade for the rest of the day. Then I saw massive green candles on SPY and got in a couple quick scalps on 396c 1DTE. I was in and out in like 5 seconds on those. Just long enough to secure profit and minimize chances of a knife.

Tomorrow I will trade like normal but likely won’t be trading next week due to some military obligations. Maybe i’ll do some phone trading if something jumps out.

Starting Balance: $43607.26
Ending Balance: $44533.91

Today’s Gain: +926.56 (+2.12%)


Good trading day even though I was pretty busy with work (bummer on a Friday)

Scalps taken today were:

400c 1DTE
401c 1DTE
402c 1DTE
403c 1DTE

So I basically just scalped all the way up to where we are at right now. In retrospect if I would have stayed with the 400c position, i would be VERY green on the day. But these trades secured profit early without having to worry about any type of reversal or knife.

Oh, I also played OKTA FDs while on VC with JB and scalped them for 20%. Very small position for a fun gamble.

Overall, it was a great week and I hit my 10% goal.

Starting Balance: $44533.91
Ending Balance: $45840.56

Today’s Gain: +1306.52(+2.93%)
Weekly Gain: +5411.48 (+13.39%)

Stay green fellas.


Had a pretty bad week last week. I played the Powell testimony COMPLETELY wrong and suffered for it.
I think when it came down to overall loss, it was a little over 6k.

I started with a position on Monday and held it into Tuesday with no stoplosses set. I was a little down prior to the meeting and had a buy order in to average down. Then thats when the algos kicked in and SPY had the biggest red candle. At this point, I was internally committed and started to average down multiple times before cutting my position for a big loss.

Lesson learned here as well as from other people’s comments in TF:

Just because I have the capital to average down, doesn’t mean I should. I need to cut and reposition.

With that loss, I decided to empty out profits again and keep my account at 25k to force myself to REALLY evaluate my trades and position sizing.

I have already noticed my trading changed this week. I am trading more risk adverse due to not wanting to fall below 25k. Definitely smaller gains, but thats okay.


EOW post.

Today was a busy-ish trading day doing a lot of SPY scalps here and there allon the call side. Overall gain was 2.7k on the day.
SPYs break over VWAP early in the morning gave me false hope for a bullish day. As it was coming down, I was waiting to enter at the PM low but SPY blew right past that. I ended up doing scalps on the small bounces as we were trending down. Once it bounced off that 389 level, was feeling a little better about calls. Resistance met at 390.30ish then watched it fall below 389. Picked up some scalps at that bottom and mainly just watched it for a while.

JB and I were calling out supports and resistances in VC and could have made some awesome plays if we just listened to ourselves instead of just talking to each other lol.

Overall, for the week I took my account to 30k with 4 trading days after starting with the 25k leftover on Monday.

Starting next week I will look to play more tickers than SPY so Conq doesnt see I only play SPY and publicly shame me.

Hopefully everyone had a green week. Have a good weekend and stay safe.