Upcoming BZFD lockup expiry 1 Jun 22

A significant amount of BZFD’s shares are being unlocked on 1 Jun 22 – >100M shares across all classes out of 135m total shares outstanding. Can’t say how much further this will fall given how much it’s fallen since despac but there could be some near term downward pressure in the short to medium term

Recently reported 1Q results were pretty tragic too with time spent on the platform declining and negative adjusted EBITDA and net income


S1 has gone effective and some of the potential selling shareholders are listed here:


Gonna be BZ buying FDs? :kekw:


Net loss has over tripled in a year :pepebigeyes:

Sounds like an easy win.

Saw this and added to watchlist. I would like a better put entry if it pushes back up to 4.50 to 5.50 but need to review more about them. Seems like a pathetic business if financials are that bad. I know it can go lower but it is so low already lol.


JB actually had a similar play to this back in November, EVGO.

It had some pretty serious downward movement from 14 to 10.4 during the week of the first unlock.

However, during the second and much larger unlock we only saw 2 days of downward movement followed by a large spike afterwards.

Both of these also seem like they were kind of just following the trend also. However I think the difference here could be that during this EVGO was averaging 3m volume a day. BZFD only averages around 150k so any kind of small sell pressure could have a large impact on the price.

Came across an interesting video today.

This is a company with a mcap of half a billion and struggles to break over 100k views on a video.


Lottta volume on puts today

Update at close, also saw 250% usual daily volume on the underlying. Probably in anticipation for a big sell of tomorrow but we’ll see.


Great call on this, exited for + 80% each on my 4p. :pepecelebrate: probably pick up more if it pops again


This was a bomb ass play and wish would have more visibility. I never made an entry but man what a good play. Congrats to anyone that did this as the stock died.


This seems odd. This is all OpenInsider is showing for BZFD:

Only buys that were made after the recent big dump. No sales. Was that not an insider dump upon lock-up expiry? Maybe the theory related to Russell rebalancing was actually what caused the dump. :thinking: