Valhalla Community Trading System

Valhalla Community Trading System

A part of the vision I have for this community is the creation of a system to simplify common and complex tasks that individuals usually take on in our day to day. The base elements of this are interconnecting the forum, the discord and a service of our design (Mimir) to facilitate the delivery of and access to important information about the community’s plays and to deliver critical information for daily trading.

  1. The Forum - The purpose of the forum is to collect and compile research on potential plays. We already have the fantastic chart plugin and I’d like to expand upon that framework a little. The forum should be viewed as a “database”. Each thread acts as an entry in our community’s “watchlist”. In order to fully realize the potential, we’ll need to add a method by which users can add threads to their own “watchlist” so we can gather an accurate picture, from a data collection standpoint, on what the most important plays at any given time are. Changes that we need to make in the immediate future to the forum are as follows:

    1. Make ticker field “required” and potentially connect it to an API for ticker data/verification.
    2. Create “watchlist’ plugin so users can add plays to their personal watchlist. Potentially add profit/loss reporting in a future update.
    3. Modify the “Events/Calendar” functionality to better list related dates for existing threads and potentially market impacting event dates.
    4. Setup “Discord → Discourse” bot to set privileges on the forum similar to the Discord (set trust levels of ascended and up higher than normal members, suspend the forum accounts of the banned users)
  2. Mimir (RedBot) - I plan for this bot do to most of the heavy lifting for our system. The bot can be expanded to act as an API easily in the future should we want to progress it’s functionality past Discord. Mimir should connect with the forum to access the threads (watchlist, “community tickers”), personal watchlist data (for popularity) and events. This data will be used to create relevant server wide notifications for tickers that we’re watching and playing. Ideas for addons include:

    1. News notifications for community tickers. If news is released for tickers that are being actively watched, the notification would automatically be posted to trading floor. The same for SEC filings.
    2. Calendar/Event reminders. Reminders about coming events/catalysts, etc. would be sent to trading floor.
    3. “Most watched” plays functionality would ease questions about “what people are looking at” using a combination of “most watches” and determining what plays have the “nearest” catalysts from the calendar data.
    4. Possibly incorporate signals for community tickers that call out movement specifically on community tickers.

    In addition to the integration with the forum, I have my eyes on rapid expansion of the other tools that we’ve created:

    1. SPAChero integration - Create tools related to the information listed on the SPAChero website
    2. Gamma analysis bot - Take what we’ve learned and work with members of the community to generate signals for pending gamma squeezes.
    3. Chain extension bot - Scan our ORATS data for expanded options chains and create signals
    4. Earnings play system - When earnings season rolls around, the system should help guide to process of playing earnings. The bot should access earnings estimates and attempt to report earnings as they’re released. It should also call out reminders of earnings plays upcoming and link to forum DD on those plays.

I’m excited to see what we can create with the incredible foundation we already have. Of course I’m open to suggestions and additional input on this plan but I wanted to sit down and get the base view written out.


Great update. I love the shift towards the forum being a group watchlist and where DD can be compiled. Discord’s trading floor can be hectic and lots of info can be missed there, especially if you’re busy.


Has there been any consideration to flagging / marking DD written by people in the community with a proven track record VS someone new? Obviously everyone should read every DD - but theres value in knowing that the DD is posted by someone with a proven track record.


Blueprint sounds good!


This is definitely a good idea. I know for a fact that I pay attention to the “track record” of a guy Who consistently makes good call outs. It would be great to incorporate some type of system to be able to identify those plays.


I’m against it because this is exactly what I don’t want. There shouldn’t be any difference between analysis posts, the analysis should stand on it’s own. If you find someone you like, I’d suggest following them so you stay up-to-date with their posts.

But overall, everything should be read and vetted. Good calls from a variety of people, not just a single person that’s always right.