What Are You Watching?

Creating this as a companion thread to the community callouts. Please use this as a space to drop anything you may be watching for the day (or next day if AH).

UNH (calls, print target increase)


Watching JNUG. It’s been in a steady uptrend the last month or so.


Watching SNAP and ATER for scalp then I’m probably out for the day.

Calls or puts?

Calls sorry.

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Watching Celu to see which direction it goes after this gap fill back to 10.50.

Watching CRXT to scalp the warrants, high SI though low DTC. It just recovered from -5% in premarket.

Watching AAPL. Reject off 165 looks quite bearish.


Been keeping an eye on ATER - a bit distracted today but looking for .10 - .20 scalps on shares

Didn’t get in SNAP since I didn’t see any rebounds in the morning, didn’t feel like getting in later in the day. Closed ATER calls, I’m taking a 2 week break. Going to buy more ApeCoin with profits and focus on my college finals. Good luck all :pray:t5:

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$ATER since early April, IONQ, INDO, HUSA, MAXR, SOXL/SOXS, MARPS, WEAT, ACTD, MOEX, all commodities + debt markets.

NUE & DLTR - keep going up and I keep missing out on taking an entry.

Ive been playing $UNL and $CORN calls. Got clapped today but optimistic about tommorow.


Watching DAL in this 44-45 range it has been rejected from several times since last year.

I want to say puts because of bearish macro headwinds (oil, lockdowns), but I like DAL vs. any other travel company and the market is bullish atm. So just waiting to see which direction it goes and following.

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looking at $LULU calls here - just getting dragged down even though news was bullish. did a nice bounce of $395 support. if it falls further looks like decent support at $392 and strong support at $385 on the daily (but don’t expect it too).

After seeing rexxxar’s discussions of a SNAP strangle, I started looking into SNAP a little bit more. I got lucky and made about $6,000 off SNAP’s last earnings when it posted positive EPS for the first time. Since that time, the stock is back down to around $30/share, which is odd. I’m going to look into this a little more tonight and tomorrow morning, but I’m starting to think about opening a position on SNAP tomorrow. My initial thinking is that SNAP will beat earnings and have positive guidance, but will look into it a bit more before making a decision.

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I will join you on SNAP. OMC did well on their earnings and they are partly a marketing firm. TTD stayed green today even with the tech sell off today with the likes of Facebook, SNAP , Pinterest. Snaps forecast seemed good, consumers are doing strong , and there are signs of other Marketing firms (OMC) doing well with TTD remaining positive sentiment on earnings. With the pullback on SNAP it might make the risk/reward ratio on the play tomorrow worth it especially with the Jpow talks possibly slowing early movements in the day. More than likely ill try to capitalize on intraday movements to play with house money on this one.

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I will keep watching SHOP today, accumilating shares and scalping options. The stock struck -10% yesterday after FB claimed their ads service is weakening. This is extremely stupid as dropshippers are using many services to create ads. I’m sure GOOGL did not see such a decline on their search engine ads and on their youtube platform which are a significant factor.

adding this sites by traffic ranking:

YouTube metrics are extremely strong and their bounce rate is low which means they keep the people on the platform for a long time. I am also invested into GOOGL with stocks and keep following their progress.

$LULU looks good here. i missed the 388-389 support/resistance. $SPY and $VIX cooperating, $TSLA ripping. I’m sharing the same sentiment as RPGeek that JPow shouldn’t have too much of a damper effect on the markets today.

Don’t see too much resistance past 389 to 405. Calls are expensive so looking for 4/29 and maybe OTM 405 strikes. Hope everyone has a great day!

What strikes are you considering? I am seeing an implied move of +/- 22%.

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