Small/Micro cap plays

Starting a thread where we can post ideas for small and micro cap plays. We’ve recently seen a ton of tickers get beaten and battered down below a dollar, some even significantly under their cash per share. With a slew of government loans, grants, etc. coming out this could be an ideal time to get in low on a value play coupled with support from policy pivots on clean energy, water supply, national cyber security, etc.

Here’s a few that I’m currently in/or tracking:

$WAVD Micro Cap ($22.19M)

$EOSE Micro Cap ($88.28M)

$CEAD Micro Cap ($7.64M)


Casual reminder: not all micro and nano cap stocks need to be under a $1 share price. Use scanners by market caps. How I found AEHR last year.


Absolutely they do not need to be but when they are battered down below $1 you have yourselves a significant opportunity, it was just one of many cautious examples for why micro caps can be a great opportunity.

Also, could you unlock the $CEAD thread plz? :slight_smile:

I have mod but not sure I can….
Only issue with sub $1 tho is micro and small caps already get heavily impacted by shorting. Going above $1 however makes it at least a bit harder and reduces FF sizing which can make it at least a bit more predictable in this market cap size.

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$SPRC trading at $.95

  • SciSparc Ltd. (SPRC) is a specialty clinical-stage pharmaceutical company led by an experienced team of senior executives and scientists. SciSparc’s focus is on creating and enhancing a portfolio of technologies and assets based on cannabinoid pharmaceuticals. With this focus, the Company is currently engaged in the following drug development programs based on THC and/or non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD): SCI-110 for the treatment of Tourette Syndrome, for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and agitation; SCI-160 for the treatment of pain; and SCI-210 for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder and status epilepticus
  • trading over 50% below cash per share
  • Total Cash Per Share (mrq) 2.15
  • Market Cap (intraday) 3.35M
  • Scisparc Receives Nasdaq Notice for Non-Compliance With Minimum Bid Price Rule on 10/12/2022

Example of both testing the $1min requirement while trading significantly below cash. These potential delisting notices take over 180 days, so just something to consider when scanning. They basically need to trade over $1 for 10 consecutive days before April 2023 in this example.


Thought this was funny… lol… But honestly this has a deeper meaning that the comment at face value, similar to my reasons for starting this thread…


The days of small caps rising from the ashes like a phoenix will be upon us (somewhat) soon… :pepepray:
Going to scan for some more plays to add to my watchlist here today…

Generally… small caps bottom (and peak) before large-caps, due to it’s risk by nature.

Parking this here to read later:

The Weather Is Changing—Emerging Calendar Tailwinds for Small-Caps

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$DPRO Draganfly Inc caught my eye reading up on the Russian Ukraine war. Both sides are using the Matrice 300 drone and also the cheapest to buy and deploy. Price seemed to have gotten severely beat down and seems to fit the theme of this thread nicely. The company has a lot of recent pressers and seems to be on a track for continued growth.

Stock price is currently .89 and has a 52 week high of 3.84 while the trail p/e is only a whopping 4.74.

  • Manufactures and sells commercial unmanned aerial vehicles worldwide.
  • Its products include quadcopters, fixed wing aircrafts, ground based robots, and handheld controllers, as well as software used for tracking, live streaming, flight training, and data collection.
  • The company also offers custom engineering and training, simulation consulting, and flight training services, as well as wireless video systems.
  • It serves public safety, agriculture, industrial inspections, security, and mapping and surveying markets.
  • Founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Saskatoon, Canada.

Sector(s): Industrials
Industry: Aerospace & Defense

Market cap: 32.69M (yahoo)
Float: 33.09M

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Unpopular opinion: Small/nano/Micro caps have bottomed (or are about to)

  • For the first time in the last 6 to 3 months we are seeing an increase in the amount of penny stocks showing bullish reversals
  • This is significant because the last “Santa rally” didn’t really push many of these up
  • This is also in line with the cyclical investments back into small cap plays from a macro level
  • Look for tickers heavily shorted with a b/p ratio below 1 to move first or those with news catalysts on the way

Would love to hear from anyone watching any tickers, I’m also interested in some scanners to try and filter out the potential runners.

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Pretty wild $DPRO is up 100% since I posted this in December. I didn’t buy any but shows you the potential with these small caps. This continues to strengthen my thesis for small caps bottoming or have already bottomed regardless of another bear run people expect this year. Will continue to scan for plays and post here.