Space-race: RKLB

Creating a starting point for some discussion on RKLB. There are also threads for ASTR and RDW elsewhere on the forum.

I have a few positions in RKLB consisting of shares, December and January calls, and 2023 LEAPs.

Rocket Lab is planning to recover a booster following their satellite launches tonight (11/10). I’m anticipating this to be a great catalyst if it is successful since this would mean their booster can be reusable. They have already had two launches, but this is the first of their attempts to recapture the booster using a helicopter.

As for the stock, the company went public via SPAC recently, but has been in operation since 2017. They have deals with NASA and have successfully launched 100+ satellites into orbit.

The downside would be that these plays feel very binary - if their attempt fails, the stock will likely react poorly.

I’ll update in a bit with more info using @Balu’s template when I can find some good resources.


Rocket Lab is planning to recover a booster following their satellite launches tonight (11/10).

Have they done this before or would this be a 1st for them? If they’re able to recover boosters how much money would they be able to save in their launches going forward?

Easier than typing it up.

There is a cost savings involved by reusing, but I believe the main goal is turnaround time and increasing the speed and number of launches


My “research” shows a rocket booster costs $37 million. I’d assume that that recovering them saves something like $5-10 million. One google result says that SpaceX’s rockets cost $62M and $50 is previously used.


They have successfully recovered a booster twice before and they are the only company besides SpaceX to achieve that.

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Rocket Lab has stated that Electron costs $5 million per launch which is a huge reduction in price.

Launch scrapped. Nov 16 at the earliest.

Any thoughts on Redwire? Earnings were delayed and analysts don’t expect it to be profitable until 2023 at a minimum.

Couple updates. Had a nice earnings pop AH tonight.