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The goal of this thread is for Asgard tier members to discuss the overall market and moves they’re planning to make. A lot of things often get lost in the shuffle so hopefully this thread will help us keep things more organized while we work on some feature enhancements I think will prevent us from “missing things” in the future.

I’ve added a calendar to this post, in order to add an event to it, simply click the calendar icon in the toolbar:

And add the timeframe that you’re watching a certain play for. You can then type a description for the event just above the code that is added into the post.


CPI Numbers

I’m going to be looking for what stocks I’ll be playing during the CPI numbers release. Obviously SPY is a big one but I’m thinking TSLA might be a better target.

Edit times currently aren’t working but I’ll fix that tomorrow :pepepray:


$VERU puts

May 10
Pre-EUA meeting on $VERU: article linked by @Shamu #veru what I thought was a biopharm p and d - #20 by Shamu

Should be a binary event upon press release on the result.

May 12 - Premarket
Earnings call. Could hear more info here but I believe the main play is for May 10. If stock moons on a good result on May 10, and your puts become worthless, you could hold through earnings and see if it saves you, like a fallback position.

05/20 7.5p and 5p - SMALL SIZE


PPI - Premarket

PPI numbers come out on this day. On the previous PPI print, it was quite bad, in that excluding food and energy it still came out double the expected.

Typically a hot PPI precedes a hotter CPI, which statistically implies that we should see a hot CPI coming up.

Note that on the previous PPI print the market didn’t seem to care, and it was green. But worth noting imo we should take note of the PPI print.

Link to PPI analysis from last time: Stagflation leading to Recession - The Kodiak Bear Thesis - #98 by Kevin


AMR Calls

Looking at taking an AMR call at some point, had some success with a swing on this and after good earnings and guidance they seemed to be knocked down pretty hard in the SPY downturn.

For more on AMR: U.S. Coking Coal Producers Bull Case - $BTU, $HCC, $AMR & Others


#ea PUTS because of loss of FIFA contract

Took a quick put on this to ride into close, will likely cut before because earnings are tonight, however, afaik FIFA is huge for them and this could signal that in this day and age sports leagues aren’t seeing a need to be beholden to EA anymore. Could be a catalyst for some downward momentum today / tomorrow after earnings.

Will be prioritizing CPI plays though tomorrow I think.


SPY Strangles - TA PLAY tracking the bottom of Kertnel Channel

Lots of catalysts in the coming days, Kevin already cited PPI on Thursday.
Tomorrow we’ll have Core Inflation reports.
Looking for a move back upward or a quick flush even further down.

I already got in 1 batch yesterday, but looking to get in a 2nd before today’s close.


CVT Massive Share Unlock


Likely taking 07/15 5p for this play.

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NIO pre-ER Strangles
ER is scheduled for preMarket on Thursday.

I’ll most likely enter tomorrow, Tuesday, before market close…

And exit Wednesday by 3:58pm, or as soon as I see good profit.