Tiddly's Dora The Explorer Trading Journal


I started this account with $600. After some many (MANY) failed trades in the past, I decided to play primarily on SPY options due to it being more predictable and forgiving than single stocks and their options. I’m looking at you, Tesla. Currently my overall performance in the last 3 months (around October to now January), I have made 450% in profit.

I’ll be posting here and occasionally Discord about my current performance and positions. Along with a few ramblings. Anyway-- I’ll post my current performance from the past 3 months then update from there.

Current Account Balance (As of 1/4/2022)

Last 3 Months (Mid-October thru January)

This Monday


Currently my open P&L is between SPY and ESSC. SPY being the most leveraged while I covered my cost basis with ESSC and now am holding that in case there is a squeeze.

Overall been trading on and off with SPY monthlys due to them being more secure in unexpected pullbacks. I’m not expecting one of these to occur until we reach 480 which so happens to be the strikes I bought for February. That’s all for now. c:

Any chance you can share your method of picking the right calls/puts? Personally I just watch RSI, but I’m sure that’s not the preferred method.

I play mostly Monthlys. If say SPY tests near ATH, I get 5 strikes OTM at most. If we’re seeing a bounce from a correction, I grab 10 strikes OTM.

This is about putting an emphasis on quantity of calls. They’re cheaper and easier to average if you still have leftover buying power. I did post in general my method to playing SPY- though they’re mostly my ramblings.

I ended up updating my account value for today. I was holding SPY calls since Friday’s EOD Dip. I sold half at open monday and rebought them later on during a downtrend, overall lowering my cost basis while keeping myself still inside the game.

Today (Tuesday)'s open, I sold everything for a realized profit of $500. As for ESSC, no point in selling them yet.

My plans for Wednesday is re-buying my Monthlys before 2:00PM as that’s when the Minutes release. Hoping to see a downtrend at open and a predicted reversal at 2. Anyway, that’s all I have for now.

It’s been three months… Let me give an update. To put it briefly, I’m retarded and went from 5K to 500 in my account because I tried to play a bear during a Market rally. I made back some funds by playing PTON puts after it peaked then made enough money back this week as SPY finally did as I analyzed over the last 2 weeks.

Decided yesterday (4/26) to play TSLA, didn’t go well. I bought at 905 yesterday and saw my contract lose 25% (250 dollars) in a matter of 2 hours. Luckily I managed to scrape out alive with $30 profit at open.

Played Facebook before earnings. I made about $100 soaking up IV from the contracts I held. Called out my entries in the callout channel. Would’ve profited further, but tech decided to rally and my postion was stopped out.

EOD Entries

  • 2x XLE 6/17 $75 Call (Total Cost: $8.80)
  • 1x ATVI 6/17 $75 Put (Total Cost: $1.55)

XLE - I decided to hop into XLE, hoping to swing it for a possible jump back to $80. Noticed that it bounced from $71, so there might be potential for it to climb back up.
ATVI - Saw that it was going down the last 3 days since ER. No clue if it was good or not, just that it was unusual to see volume since ATVI was for the most part unchanged since January.

Finally… My balance…

My postings may continue to be infrequent until I have enough funds to actively trade different tickers. Feel free to throw questions at me here if you’re curious about the ramblings of a sleep dreprived part-time McDonalds employee.

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To make things simpler. I will be taking pictures of my positions EOD and my balance as well.



My biggest win today was XLE calls which I made $130 off of. This was a higher risk position so my entry could have likely been better off at open today rather than yesterday.

My biggest loss ended up being ATVI which didn’t see more downward pressure. I sold that at a loss of around $30 due to being stopped out.

Newest Entries
AFRM - I’m following @nano after he mentioned it in Trading Floor
CVNA - I entered based on @The_Ni 's post. Been super bearish on this company, but felt deterred to play them ever again because of how fucked I got by macro economy.

YCS - @macromicrodick 's thread relating to the current state of the Yen. Puts on the Yen - Not Too Late as Bank of Japan Attempts the Impossible Trinity
XELA - Betting on a potential trend up on the daily based on @Kain 's post in the Community Callouts.
VYGG - I really have no clue why I bought these. I think someone said something about it being a SPAC??? I’m holding onto them regardless.
OnlyFans - The Next Big SPAC Play? VYGG


For credit’s sake, riding AFRM into the ground is @Machetephil’s side gig. I’m just following him into it because it seems like a good play.


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